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Floodgate appears to be simple equipment of formed and welded plates that any locksmith can do and that only defines the thickness of plates, It will easily be possible to produce and meet the needs of each customer's application.

Unfortunately, or rather, Fortunately, it is not quite so, actually behaves it is equipment manufactured through welded and formed plates, However, in order to meet the application needs of each client, each floodgate to be designed must be submitted to a rigorous engineering process, of which calculates all forces, thrusts and hydrodynamic pressure, so that we can calculate and develop all mechanical engineering of the equipment, as Mechanical resistance, Flow, Traction, Hydraulic Load, Deflection, Starting and until defining the adequate concrete resistance where it will be installed. Only after all this development and study the floodgate it can actually be designed and produced.

Attached is an Incident Video with a Floodgate (Not from FKB manufacture) instalada em uma estação de Captação e tratamento de água no interior de São Paulo, of which did not respect development engineering but only the manufacture of a metallic set.

According to customer information, this gate should withstand pressure of 12MCA, which would generate a force resulting from ~39 tons of force under the gate. However, the 7MCA has already broken.

We regret the incident and thank you that nothing more serious has happened. The life that follows.

FKB and its commitment to Engineering.

FKB develops, manufactures and markets Industrial Valves and Gate for more than 2 decades, and currently has more than 13 engineers on its team, dedicated to design and / or manufacture gates according to the specific needs of each client. Our structure and manufacturing team, has qualified welders and welding processes according to AWS / ASME standards, and has a productive capacity to manufacture up to 1000 tons of steel per year.

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