FKB Stop Logs are engineered equipment specially developed to control and / or block the level of water or discharge in a river, channel or reservoir.


And because they are normally operated with a “LEGO” type of operation, which allows each panel (LOG) to fit over the other, they are often chosen for temporary procedures such as maintenance routines, since they guarantee excellent flow blocking, reasonable tightness and even allow control of the water level on the upstream and / or downstream side.

Also known as:

"Hand Log" or "Hand Stop" - Small Stop Log, which is triggered by the operator's hands.

“Cofferdam Penstock” - Large Stop Logs, which require a fishing beam or other drive system.

And in addition to these standard features, FKB Stop Logs for large dimensions and high pressures can also be designed with a ByPass system, which eliminates the “suction cup” or “suction” factor, thus ensuring less friction and easier sliding of the Panels (Logs).

They are custom-made equipment, which strictly respect the specific needs of each customer, after all they are the ones that protect and ensure the lives and well-being of maintenance employees. They can be Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel or Aluminum. And for their construction, FKB engineers observe the most respected manufacturing standards such as AWWA, BS, DIN, NBR and sure their history / knowledge of more than 20 years of development and manufacture of Valves and Penstocks. 

Currently, FKB has tens of thousands of tons of equipment spread over more than 16 countries, 3 continents, and in full operation.

The FKB Stop Logs also allow you to operate interchangeably with FKB Removable Grids, that is, both the Panels (Logs) and the Removable Grids can travel on the same sliding guides, thus allowing dual function, keeping the channel clean from dirt as well as blocking / control fluid flow.


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