Guillotine Valves for Pulp and Paper

The Product Guillotine Valve was born in the Pulp and Paper Sector in the beginning of the XX Century, already FKB was born in 2000, manufacturing Guillotine Valves for this magnificent Sector.

[Guillotine Valves for Pulp and Paper]

Guillotine Valves are products that stand out in liquid processes / fluids, masses, pastes and the like, of which require that the shutter "cut"  the fluid during your opening / closing operation.

As a specialist in the equipment and focused on meeting the most varied stages of a pulp and paper mill, made FKB develop and manufacture complete and modern range of Guillotine Valves for this segment in the most different concepts, materials, standards and etc.

FKB Manufacturing Range:

  • DN 2" (50mm) to 60" (1500mm)
  • Pressure up to 50 bar (740psi)
  • Standard (Iron and Steel) and Special (Titanium, SMO254, Super Duplex, etc.)
  • Variable Drive (Manual, Electric, Pneumatic, Hydraulic)


The picture below represents very well this work and partnership with the Pulp and Paper Sector, and in a single supply to a large and multinational EPCist, we provide

- Metal / Metal Seat Guillotine Valves for High Temperature

- Guillotine Valves with Elastomer Seat

- Rectangular Guillotine Valves

- Guillotine Valves with Cleaning System against Incrustation and Impregnation of Fluid.

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