Knife Gate Valves, FKB and a brief history.

It is estimated that the first Knife Gate Valve was developed and manufactured in the beginning of 1900, with the purpose of attending a difficulty that the Pulp and Paper segment presented with Standard Drawer Valves, since they could not cut and block the mass line efficiently.

[Knife Gate Valves, FKB and a brief history.]

FKB developed and manufactured its first Knife Gate Valve in 2000, the year of its foundation, but your team was already designing and manufacturing Knife Gate Valves since the years 70/80 to other companies that worked.

Currently, Knife Gate Valves have multiplied and gained space in several sectors, especially those that have processes with suspended solids such as Sanitation, Mining, Sugar and Alcohol Plants, Steel Industry, Carbon Black, etc.

On the image there are 3 (three) Automatic Knife Gate Valve, models VGU-01 DN 56" (1.400mm), weighing more than 3 Tons each valve, specially developed and produced for the Ramal do Agreste project, an adductor system with 8 m³/s flow that will attend a population of more than two million Brazilians in 68 cities of Pernambuco state.

We are very happy and proud to be part of this beautiful and great project that will benefit millions of Brazilians.

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