Maintenance "Formula 1" - Time is Money

Better known as Figure 8 or Safety Device, the Absolute Block Valve has the function to Block and Guarantee 100% watertightness in a VERY SIMPLE and EXTREMELY FAST way, in order to preserve and provide security to all maintenance operators who will work downstream of the valve.

[Maintenance "Formula 1" - Time is Money]

With a system and concept very similar to a MECHANIZED “Blind Flange”, the shutter of the Absolute Block Valve cuts the pipe, thus ensuring that the fluid never reaches the pipeline downstream the valve. And in the remote event of a leak for any reason (Seat Damage, Operation Error, Damage to the Shutter, etc.), the leak will ALWAYS occur to the environment, thus preserving the life of everyone in the pipeline behind the valve.

And in order to streamline and automate the maintenance process of our client, a multinational in the Fertilizer sector, FKB Developed and Manufactured Absolute Sliding Block Valve, model VBA17, fully automatic.

With Pneumatic Cylinders, Position Sensors and Solenoid Valve, this valve will enable activation and operation in a matter of SECONDS, 100% REMOTE, without any intervention by maintenance operators.

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