Three Generations in a Single Photo

FKB was founded in 2000, with the objective of developing and manufacturing guillotine valves, one of FKB "Core business" products until today.

[Three Generations in a Single Photo]

Throughout these 19 years of life, the values and objectives have not changed, they remain focused on development, reliability and maximum performance of your products, to guarantee and benefit your customers with the best and most updated of the market. And the picture above summarizes well all this trajectory:

The extreme right presents the Guillotine Valve Series 29,000, created in 2000 in the foundation of FKB, in the center presents VGU-29, current model Series 29,000, was developed in mid-2008, and already the extreme left our model VGU-28, developed in 2017, aiming to replace several applications of the model VGU-29.

Currently with more than 13 thousand equipments delivered, FKB has 3 Main Products (Guillotine Valves, Penstocks and Line Blind Valves) in your manufacturing scope, of which today they branch out into more than 35 types of models, aiming to better serve each application of your customers.

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