Screen or grid Removable FKB aims to block physical bodies present in water and sewage treatment systems. The correct dimensioning of the railing should consider the spacing between the bars depending on the size of the particle to be removed, the dimensions of the channel, loss of pressure generated and elements that can be affected by the liquid level, such as overflows, Slide gates/ Penstocks, gauges such as Parshall Gutter and spillovers of later processes such as sandblasting.


Main Features

  • •  Function: Blocking of physical bodies
  • •  Construction: FKB standard and AWWA C561
  • •  Fixation: Direct to Concrete or Embedded in Concrete
  • •  Light and Compact Equipment
  • •  Design: Square or Rectangular
  • •  Versatile: As per customer's need


Manufacturing Range:

  • •  100mm (4 ”) to 5000mm (200”)
  • •  Pressure up to 50 MCA


Main Applications

  • Sanitation Solutions
  • Paper and Pulp
  • MIning Solutions
  • Sugar and Alcohol Solutions
  • Steel Industry Solutions
  • Food Solutions
  • Refrigerator and Grease Solutions
  • Hydroelectric and SHPPs
  • Petrochemicals
  • Bioenergy and Biomass

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