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FKB Slide gates/ penstocks are perfect for application in the treatment of Industrial Effluents and development of the sector's Sustainability.
They are equipment developed and manufactured with stainless steel materials and made to measure, of which meet the needs of each Client in a versatile way and with an excellent beneficial cost.

Manufacturing Range:

• 100mm (4”) up to 5000mm (200”)

• Pressure up to 50 MCA

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Knife Gate Valves

The Product Knife Gate Valves was born in the Pulp and Paper Sector at the beginning of the 20th Century, FKB was born in 2000, manufacture of Knife Gate Valves for this sector.
Knife Gate Valves are products that stand out in liquid processes / fluids, masses, pastes and similar, of which require the obturator to “cut” the fluid during your opening / closing operation.
FKB develops and manufactures several models of Knife Gate Valves for this segment in the most varied concepts, materials and automation system.

Manufacturing Range:

• DN 2” (50mm) up to 60” (1500mm)

• Pressure up to 20 bar (300psi)

• Standard and Special Materials (17-4PH, SMO254, Super Duplex, etc)

• Non-Passing and Passing Knife

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Line Blind Valves

FKB Line Blind Valves work as Devices that mechanize very simple and fast way the process of Flanging and / or Racking of Figures 8 or Blind Flanges in the line in question.
They are Valves that guarantee 100% of watertightness and in the event that they will present any leakage due to wear or malfunction, the leakage will occur to the environment, thus protecting Maintenance Operators.
They are excellent equipment for processes / fluids with high temperature, toxic, chemical, flammable that can put the life of maintenance operators at risk.

Manufacturing Range:

• DN 2” (50mm) up to 48” (1200mm)

• Pressure uo to 50 bar (740 psi)

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Portable Actuator

The Portable Electric Actuators were specifically conceived and designed to replace / facilitate the manual work of the operators,
making it possible to open and / or close fast, safe and homogeneous valves and locks in general. Excellent equipment to streamline and / or facilitate the life and operation of valve operators in any industrial plant or treatment plant.

Manufacturing Range:

• Up to 140 Nm

• Electric or Combustion

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