Valve VGU28 in Stock

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[Valve VGU28 in Stock]

Many people already know FKB as a Specialist in Developing Special
Equipment, but don’t forget that one of the main FKB VALUES is CUSTOMER
SERVICE, improving daily.
And always aiming at this VALUE, we inform that we have thousands of
equipment in stock, PROMPT DELIVERY!!
And within this stock we present our VGU28 Knife Gate Valve:
• VGU28 - Unidirectional NonThrough-Conduit Kine Gate Valve, ANSI B16.5
Drilling - 150lbs, DN 2” to 16”.
Body: Nodular Cast Iron, CF8 (304 stainless steel) and / or CF8M (316 stainless
Knife: AISI 304 or AISI 316
Seat: Pure PTFE or EPDM
Drive: Manual Handwheel or Pneumatic Actuator
Application: Liquids in general, Mass, Pastes and similar.
Segments: Pulp and Paper, Sugar and Alcohol Plants, Rendering Plant, Food,
Cement, Chemical, etc.

Delivery Time: IMMEDIATE

We also complement that FKB develops and manufactures Valves and
Penstocks for more than TWO Decades and has thousands of equipment
installed in more than 16 countries, spread over 3 continents.

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