FKB develops, manufactures and markets industrial valves and Slide gates/ Penstocks globally since 2000, a period that allowed us to supply more than 20 thousand pieces of equipment in more than 18 countries, spread over 3 continents.


Generating values ​​for our customers, shareholders, employees and the whole society, acting in the distribution, industry and manufacture of valves, equipment and components in a sustainable way.


To Be global and a reference in all areas which operates.


Respect, commitment, security and integrity in everything and everyone;
Have the customer's preference;
Develop solutions for the client;
Excellence in service;
Professional achievement of employees and shareholders;
Socioeconomic sustainability.


Sanitation, Mining, Pulp and Paper, Sugar and Alcohol, Steel Industry, Food, Refrigeration and Grease, Hydroelectric and SHPPs, Petrochemical, Bioenergy and Biomass, Construction.


ISO 9001. 
CRCC Petrobras.
Technical Training Certificate issued by: International Paper. 
Degremont Suez, Engevix, Fibria, Niagara.
Usina Santa Adélia, Holcim, SAMAE, SABESP, COPASA, Hemasi, Telar etc. Qualified and certified welders.
According to AWS and ASME CAT standards - CREA Technical Collection Certificate for products and installations.


FKB is committed to guaranteeing the satisfaction of its customers, combining innovation with high quality, always seeking the continuous improvement of its Quality Management System, and for this purpose it defines its Policy with the following objectives:
Develop solutions for customers;
Respect, commitment, security and integrity in everything and with everyone;
Quality of products;
Professional achievement of employees and shareholders;